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Towards a geoindicator network in Argentina
An informal discussion, Miramar, Argentina, March 13, 2005
Report by Monica Blarasin

At the conference on "Holocene environmental catastrophes in South America: From the lowlands to the Andes" held at Miramar (Cordoba) from March 11th to 17th, 2005, a brief meeting was held to discuss the organization of an Argentine network or working group on Geoindicators. The aim was to promote and to connect the various geoindicator activities that different working groups are already performing in Argentina.


Participants E-mail address
Juan Pablo Milana
Carlos Costa
Jorge Chiesa
Jorge Sanabria
Liliana Neder
Ricardo Mon
Andrés Laguens
José Manuel Sayago
Elena Franzinelli
Gustavo Villarosa
Suzanne Leroy
Susana Degiovanni
Monica Blarasin
Graciela Arguello
Anthony Berger
Adam Hajduk
Jorge Bejerman

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