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Geoindicator Checklist
Compiled by COGEOENVIRONMENT (IUGS) Working Group on Geoindicators

  Geoindicators: Tools for Assessing Rapid Environmental Changes
The following document is extracted from a monograph (Berger, A.R. & W.J.Iams 1996. Geoindicators: Assessing Rapid Environmental Changes in Earth Systems. Rotterdam: A.A.Balkema). The full rationale for geoindicators, together with extensive background material, can be found in this volume. ABSTRACT: The condition of the environment at any time reflects not only human influences but also natural processes and phenomena, which may be causing change whether or not people are present. ... [1397 bytes more >>]

  Explanation of Format
NAME: Applied to individual geoindicators. Note that some are fairly specific (relative sea level, streamflow), whereas others are more general (frozen ground activity, soil quality). ... [7652 bytes more >>] eolica.doc

  Description of Individual Geoindicators

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