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Geoindicators for Ecosystem Monitoring in Parks and Protected Areas
An International Workshop held at the Discovery Centre, Gros Morne National Park, Western Newfoundland, September 10-14, 2001

  Geoindicators for Ecosystem Monitoring in Parks and Protected Areas
By David Liverman
Some 25 scientists and others interested in monitoring the effects of rapid geological change (<100 years) on ecosystems in protected areas met recently in Gros Morne (GMNP), one of Canada's most spectacular national parks. The purpose was to discuss ways in which geoindicators can be applied in a wide range of natural settings, and to provide guidelines for the establishment of new monitoring efforts, including field and laboratory protocols and procedures. ... [13804 bytes more >>]

Standing: Tony Berger, Jonas Satkunas, Bruce Roberts, Don Forbes, Jean Poitevin, David Welch, John Shaw, Dan McCarthy, Bob Higgins, David Liverman, Randall Schumann, Waite Osterkamp, Jim Wood, Mark Connell, Katie KellerLynn, Hugh McCormack. Front Row: Brian Craig, Anne Marceau, Bruce Kitchen, Jennifer Hoffman, Vicki Ozaki, Don Pittman, Tom Knight, Michael Burzynski. Absent: Bruce Heise, Karlon Blythe, Stephen Flemming, Christian Fraser. ... [6 bytes more >>]

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